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Best of Show ribbon

"Welcome to my web site of artzy award ribbons.  I grew tired of going to art fairs and shows and seeing the same bland, boring, foreign made ribbons to designate artistic quality,  I think it's time award ribbons truly "have heart" and reflect the achievement award winning artists deserve.   Artists appreciate the unique look, feel and blending of fabrics in My Artzy Ribbons."  Diane Tessman

These fabric ribbons are handmade of fine quality fabrics, ribbons, and yarns.  Each ribbon is an individual expression - no two are alike.  Ribbons are embellished with yarns, buttons, jewels, and beads.

Two sizes are available: the ARTIST Ribbon, 4” x 10”, is ideal for personal awards.  It conveniently fits between paintings hanging in a show or gallery.  The larger EXHIBITION ribbon, 4 ½” x 16 ½”, is great for exhibition and booth awards to acknowledge artistic expression and booth design.

Each ribbon has a label of designation - the name of your event, First Place, Best of Show, etc.  A second label can be added if further identification is necessary.  Additional emphasis can be achieved by adding a rosette around the label on EXHIBITION ribbons. 

Ribbon Pricing:
ARTIST RIBBON, 4” x 10” approx., base price $18.00
EXHIBITION RIBBON, 4 ½” x 16 ½”” approx., base price  $24.00
Additional pricing for Rosettes.  

How to order:  VIA email or phone.  We accept PayPal and credit cards. Completed orders are shipped upon payment.


Carolina Beach Ribbons            

"These ribbons are a source of pride for every artist who has received one because each is
really a unique small work of art."
Michael Anderson, Award Winning Plein Air Artist

"I finally have a 'Tessman' original to hang on my wall."  Michele Wells, Award Winning Artist  ****
Ribbon Styles and Pricing  •  Place an Order  •  About the Artist