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Working with fiber is one of the strands tying my family together.  My mother, a weaver for most of my life, taught me the importance of color combination, pattern, and design.  My two sisters along with my two daughters and teenage granddaughter also carry on the tradition with an interest in sewing, knitting, and weaving.

As a tactile person, my fingers love positioning pieces of fine fabrics, like a fun jigsaw puzzle!  I use my intuition and love of color and texture to create mini works of Art pleasing to the eye!  I believe beauty and design translate to Beauty in Design.  I’ve been amazed while wandering through art fairs and shows, to see artists’ award winning work acknowledged with plain multi-manufactured ribbons.  I questioned why high artistic quality cannot be acknowledged with high artistic design?  The answer to that question is My Artzy Ribbons….my desire to develop artistic award ribbons with insight, dimension, and beauty! 

Yes, fabric and I have always been good friends!  Fine fabrics with their variations of color, texture, and design entice me to creatively blend fibers and ideas.  Working with fibers is soothing and exhilarating!  Walking through a fabric store is therapy for me!  Fiber is the tie that binds!  It has bound me to my other artistic endeavors of making teddy bears, children’s clothing, hats and bags.  Fiber also has led me to the world of accreditation of artistic accomplishment!  Here I am…Happy to create My Artzy Ribbons for you!

Park Point Ribbon
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